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  1. Kindred Cambridge

    2A Stretten Avenue, Cambridge, CB4 3EP

    Ofsted registered

  2. The Kidz Club

    Caretakers House, Arbury Road, Cambridge, CB4 2JX

    Ofsted Registered

  3. Stagecoach Cambourne Primary

    Hardwick & Cambourne Primary School, Sheepfold Lane, Cambourne, CB23 6FR

    Ofsted Registered

  4. Cambridge Kids Club @ Cambourne - Holiday Club

  5. Premier Wrap Around Care - Eddington

    University Of Cambridge Primary Sch, Eddington Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 0QZ

    Ofsted Registered.

  6. Cambridge Kidsclub @ Bourn

    Bourn CofE Primary Academy, Riddy Lane, Bourn, CB23 2SP

  7. The Shade After School Club

    The Shade Primary School, The Shade, Soham, CB7 5DE

  8. Kids Choice Ltd @ Pathfinder

    The Pathfinder Church Of England Pr, Pathfinder Way, Northstowe, CB24 1AA

    Ofsted Registered

  9. Godmanchester Bridge Academy Kids Club

    Godmanchester Bridge Academy, 2 Butcher Drive, Godmanchester, PE29 2NL

  10. Kids R Us @ Fulbourn

    Fulbourn Primary School, School Lane, Fulbourn, CB21 5BH

    Ofsted Registered.