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  1. Offord Holiday Club

    Offord Primary School, Millers Close, Offord Darcy, PE19 5SB

  2. King's Ely Holiday Club

    Acremont House, 30 Egremont Street, Ely, CB6 1AE

    For pupils of King's Ely.

  3. Whittlesford Holiday Club

    William Westley Primary School, Mill Lane, Whittlesford, CB22 4NE

    Ofsted Registered.Tax-Free Childcare Provider.

  4. Playtime Holiday Scheme - Cambridge

    Mayfield Primary School, Warwick Road, Cambridge, CB4 3HN

    Ofsted Registered.

  5. Melbourn Sports Centre

    Melbourn Village College, The Moor, Melbourn, SG8 6EF

    Ofsted registered.

  6. Wilburton Holiday Club

    Wilburton Primary School, Carpond Lane, Wilburton, CB6 3RJ

    For pupils of Wilburton Primary School. Open first 2 weeks of the summer holidays only.

  7. Brampton Kids Club Holiday Club

    Brampton Village Primary School, The Green, Brampton, PE28 4RF

    Ofsted Registered. Accepts Employer Childcare Vouchers.

  8. Kingsfield Primary School Holiday Club

    Kingsfield Primary School, Burnsfield Estate, Chatteris, PE16 6ET

    For pupils of Kingsfield Primary School.

  9. The Grove Holiday Club - March

    Maple Grove Community Playgroup, Maple Grove, March, PE15 8JP

    Ofsted registered.

  10. The Haven Holiday Scheme

    Stilton C Of E School, Church Street, Stilton, PE7 3RF

    Ofsted Registered. Tax-free Childcare Provider. Accepts Employer childcae vouchers.