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  1. Cambridge Joint Playschemes

    Activity Clubs for children and young people aged 8-19 years with mild to severe learning disabilities. Cambridge Joint Playscheme (CJP) currently runs Saturday clubs and Easter and Summer Holiday based Playschemes at Granta School , Linton.

  2. Samuel Pepys Special School Allstars After School Club - Eynesbury

    Samuel Pepys School, Cromwell Road, Eynesbury, PE19 2EZ

    For the pupils of Samuel Pepys Special School. Tax-free childcare provider.

  3. Highfields Special Academy After School Club

    Highfield Ely, Downham Road, Ely, CB6 1BD

    For pupils of Highfield Special School.

  4. Spring Meadow Infant Assessment Unit

    Spring Meadow Infant & Nursery Sch, High Barns, Ely, CB7 4RB

    This unit provides educational opportunities for children with complex and developmental needs who may or may not have had their needs assessed through the Statutory Assessment / Education, Health and Care Plan needs assessment process.

  5. Pilgrim Pathways School

    Learning Centre, Block 19, Ida Darwin Hospital, Fulbourn Old Drift, Fulbourn, CB21 5EE

    Pilgrim Pathways School is a medical needs unit which supports the education of children and young people who are inpatients at four centres in Cambridge. These are: The Darwin Centre for young people aged 12-18 with mental health difficulties, The

  6. Speech and Language Centre @ Colville Primary

    Colville Primary School, Colville Road, Cambridge, CB1 9EJ

    The Speech and Language Centre has 16 full time places for students who have severe speech, language and communication difficulties. All students who attend the centre have a Statement of Special Educational Needs / Education, Health and Care Plan

  7. Arts Pioneers

    Fitzwilliam Museum, Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1RB

    After school club based at the Fitzwilliam Museum that encourages young people to be inspired by the richly diverse arts and science collections of the eightUniversity of Cambridge Museums. From explorers’ equipment to Mexican masks to ancient

  8. Enhanced Resource Provision @ Sir Harry Smith

    Sir Harry Smith Community College, Eastrea Road, Whittlesey, PE7 1XB

    This centre provides educational opportunities for students who may have significant learning difficulties and who need to develop social and life skills. It is primarily a transition centre for students in Years 5 through to 8. It supports

  9. IDEAL Course - Post-16 Enhanced Resource Provision

    Impington Village College, New Road, Impington, CB24 9LX

    The IDEAL (Independence, Decision Making, Enterprise, Access to Employment, Leisure and Learning) course is a two year course for post-16 students with a Statement of Special Educational Need / Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC Plan). It provides

  10. Rewise Holiday Workshops

    Music-based workshops are designed to give young people a fun and unique experience, allowing them to create and perform their own music. Young people will be given the chance to make their very own song, including lyric writing, singing, using