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  1. Tai Chi class Ely

    Tue; 19 January 20217:00pm to 8:00pm

    Weekly Tai Chi class Ely Youth Hub, 24 Barton Rd, Ely CB7 4DE Relax and improve your breathing, posture, balance with the mindfulness built into Tai Chi

  2. Pachi Tanglang Martial Arts

    The Orchard Community Centre, Central Avenue, Orchard Park, Cambridge,

    Cambridge branch of Pachi Tanglang International, an international school of Chinese martial arts (Kungfu, Wushu, Guoshu), transmitting the traditional teachings of Master Liu Yun-chiao and Master Su Yu-chang.

  3. Cambridge Kung Fu

    Cambridge Kung Fu, 31C Clifton Road, Cambridge,

    Cambridge Kung Fu exists to enhance the lives of our students through martial arts and mindful movement practice. Our mission is to assist every student in discovering ways in which to lead a happier and healthier life. Discover more about our