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SCIP is for families with 0-25 year olds with a disability or additional needs.

Through SCIP you will receive:

  • Information on activities and support
  • news and events
  • support network - request information specific to your family's needs via telephone or email
  • the SCIP Card - produced for families who on occasion need assistance while out with their child, especially where the condition is not visibly evident, or when a child is reacting to a situation, such as loud noises, or is in an uncomfortable situation and reacting in a way that draws attention. See the SCIP Card factsheet for more details
  • The Carers magazine and Information Booklets
  • Activity Passport - the passport can hold information about your child which you need to share with an activity provider such as Girlguides, Scouts or family fun days etc. You can add information about your child's likes and dislikes, their medication and what to do in an emergency. Having the Passport will mean you don't have to repeat information every time your child goes to an event (you may be asked for additional information from the activity provider i.e. permission to take photos)

Please use this form to enrol on the SCIP database, register for a SCIP card, amend/update your details or request to be removed from the database.

Data protection statement

You will be asked to provide information about yourself to enable us to log and process your request.

Your personal information will be collected and used in line with Data Protection legislation to provide you with the service you request under the Council’s public task and our responsibilities under the Children’s Act 1989.

Further details about how we use this data and the rights you have around this can be found on our privacy page. If you have any data protection queries, please contact the Data Protection Officer at [email protected]

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