The data has been published by the Government in the form of an adoption "˜scorecard' covering the period 2012 "“ 2015.

The scorecard information is calculated by using 3-year average timescales or percentages for children who received their Adoption Orders between 2012 and 2015.

Cambridgeshire was one of only four local authorities across the country to have met the threshold for timescales in key performance indicators "“ and this was despite a significant rise in the number of children receiving their Adoption Orders in 2014-15.

The headline figures are:

  • The percentage of children in Cambridgeshire ceasing to be looked after through adoption was 18 per cent, compared with a national average of 16 per cent
  • The average time between a child entering care and moving in with its adoptive family in Cambridgeshire was 482 days, compared with a national average of 593 days and below the national performance threshold of 487 days. This ranks Cambridgeshire 15th nationally
  • The average time between the County Council receiving authority from a court to place a child and deciding on a match to an adoptive family was 114 days, compared with a national average of 223 days and within the performance threshold of 121 days, ranking the county 8th overall
  • The proportion of children adopted from ethnic minority backgrounds as a percentage of BME children leaving care was 14 per cent - well above the national average of 9 per cent
  • The proportion of adopted children in Cambridgeshire aged 5 or over who were placed for adoption as a percentage of children aged 5 or over leaving care was 7 per cent "“ above the national average of 5 per cent and up on our own figure last year of 6 per cent.

Cambridgeshire works in a unique partnership with Coram Cambridgeshire Adoption, a new independent adoption agency, established in 2014 with start-up funding from the Department for Education, to speed up the adoption process for children, find more adoptive families and provide high quality support to adoptive families by bringing together the best skills and expertise from Coram Charity and the local authority.

Tracy Collins, Cambridgeshire County Council's Head of Corporate Parenting said: "This partnership has brought together both national and local expertise which has ensured that through good quality social work practice our children achieve early permanence though adoption.  This provides a positive platform for our involvement within the Regional Adoption Agency work"

Sarah Byatt, Managing Director of Coram Cambridgeshire Adoption added: "These results are testament to the ground-breaking partnership between Cambridgeshire and CCA, and a collaborative commitment to ensuring the best outcomes for children requiring adoption."


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