The changes are in response to feedback from residents and users of the website who want to see more online services which not only makes it easier for people to use but saves money.

Some 88 per cent of people are online in Cambridgeshire and 53 per cent of those use a smartphone or tablet. Currently it costs the Council around £8.47 to deal with an issue face to face, £2.83 by phone and just 15p via the web.

We want people to help test the improvements which include an easy to use search engine and navigation so visitors to the site can find what they are looking for easily and quickly.

The refreshed site is still in development and feedback from residents is crucial to make sure residents are at the heart of the design. The new site, due to go live in Spring 2017

Drop-in sessions are being held at:
"¢ Tuesday 21 Feb 1:30pm "“ 4:30pm - Central Library, Cambridge
"¢ Wednesday 22 Feb 10am "“ 1pm - March Library
"¢ Thursday 23 Feb 10am "“ 1pm - Wisbech Library
"¢ Tuesday 28 Feb 9:30am "“ 12:30pm "“ Huntingdon Library
"¢ Wednesday 1 March 9:30am -12:30pm "“ Ely Library
"¢ Thursday 2 March 9:30am -1pm - St Ives Library

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