Specialist health advisors will be on the road during Mental Health Awareness Week, 11 "“ 17 May.

The team will be setting up shop in their health van on March's Marketplace on 13 May, 9 am - 4 pm.

Local people can join the team to find out more about the things they can do to stay mentally and physically well.

There will be lots of activities for all ages to get involved in on the health van and plenty of information on a range of health and wellbeing issues.

Mental Health Awareness Week is a national campaign run by Mental Health Foundation. This year's campaign theme is mindfulness - a new approach helping people deal with stressful and anxious situations. There will be lots of information about mindfulness and other approaches helping improve mental health on the day.

Specialist Advisors from Cambridgeshire's local stop smoking service Camquit will also be on-board the health van to support smokers to quit. Smokers can have their carbon monoxide levels tested and get information and advice about the free service, such as available medications and behavioural support which significantly increase a smoker's chance of success to quit smoking. 

Claire Adele-Meade, Camquit Service Co-ordinator at Cambridgeshire County Council, said: "People can talk to us about a variety of health issues including mental health and quitting smoking. These two issues can be connected, with smokers using cigarettes to cope with stressful situations. Research shows though that smoking actually increases stress levels, due to the addictive nicotine contained in tobacco. Our friendly advisors can help smokers to change this habit and use alternative strategies to deal with stress."

For more information from Camquit on their services call 0800 018 4304.



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