Cambridgeshire County Council and BAM Nuttall have agreed to carry out a series of surveys and investigations into the construction of the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway.  The County Council have raised a number of concerns with BAM Nuttall about the construction of the guided busway which centre around movement of the foundations and the joints between the guideway beams.  In 2014 the County Council gave notice to BAM Nuttall of its intention to commence legal action in regard to these concerns.   The two parties have now agreed to jointly fund a series of investigations and surveys into the behaviour of the guideway. The County Council have agreed to put their legal action on hold pending the outcome of the surveys.   The investigations include testing of the guideway components both on-site and in laboratories, a series of surveys to monitor movements of the beams and foundations, and a complete walkover survey of the Busway.  
Busway services will not be disrupted as all intrusive survey and investigation work will be carried out at night after the last bus. It will be necessary to close sections of the cycleway and bridleway overnight to allow for the safe operation of plant and equipment, but the works have been planned to minimise the number of closures needed.  The survey work has now commenced and will take six months to complete.


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