We've welcomed over 270 staff from the Reablement and Assistive Technology and Telehealth Care Service today as they have transferred to Cambridgeshire County Council from Cambridgeshire Community (NHS) Services. They are now part of our Older People's Service and Mental Health Directorate, lead by Charlotte Black.

The Reablement teams provide short term, intensive help or extra care at home for tasks such as getting in and out of bed, washing and dressing, or preparing a hot meal. This helps people to look after themselves in their own home without the need for long term care if they have recently been discharged from hospital following an illness or operation.

In the same way the Assistive Technology and Telehealth Care team provides people with technological devices. These are things such as a fall detection/alert or a medication reminder/dispenser, to support people and their carers in addressing the challenges to their everyday living. This helps them to enhance their independence in their own home, without the need for long term care.

These services play a key role helping us to achieve one of our objectives "“ promoting independence which is critical in helping to preventing high support costs.

People already receiving this help from Cambridgeshire Community (NHS) Services will carry on with the same care from the same staff, the only difference for them will be that these staff are now managed by Cambridgeshire County Council.

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