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Earlier this year, we announced that the Cambridgeshire.net website, owned and maintained by Cambridgeshire County Council, will be replaced during summer 2019.

About Cambridgeshire.net

Cambridgeshire.net is an online directory that provides residents and communities in Cambridgeshire with easy online access to local information and services. Being able to find out what is happening locally helps people to get involved and build networks around their interests.

Why are we replacing Cambridgeshire.net?

 Cambridgeshire.net is reliant on old technology. We are moving to a new online directory in order to: 

  • Improve design, functionality and security
  • Improve accessibility and expand compatibility with all internet browsers and devices, including mobile phones
  • Make it easier to share and find information across Cambridgeshire 

The new Cambridgeshire online directory

 The new directory will be a combination of the content from Cambridgeshire.net and Cambridgeshire County Council’s Family Information Directory, where residents and organisations will find information on: 

  • Local clubs, groups, events and activities
  • Schools and childcare providers
  • Libraries
  • Child and Family Centres
  • Adult learning courses
  • Council and health services
  • Local and national charities and voluntary and community sector organisations
  • Local community support

We will be launching the new directory by the end of August 2019. Some features will still be subject to change and, in time, we will increasingly rely on data feeds from other trusted data providers such as the NHS, Care Quality Commission and Ofsted to populate the directory. 

How to get involved with the new Cambridgeshire online directory

The new directory will operate on the same self-service basis as Cambridgeshire.net. Current Cambridgeshire.net authors will be able to register an account where they can log in and add information. We will still reserve the right to moderate and approve content. 

Information already on Cambridgeshire.net will not be automatically transferred to the new directory. When we launch the new directory in August, we will contact Cambridgeshire.net authors with instructions on how to add their organisation’s information, activities and events.

If your organisation or service relies on linking through to content on Cambridgeshire.net or the Family Information Directory, please get in touch with us so we can look at how best to support your requirements. There may be the opportunity to support the quality of the content you have an interest in. 

If you find the new directory doesn’t have listings you require, we may be able to add these if essential for your service delivery needs. Again, please get in touch with us if that’s the case. 

What is happening to Cambridgeshire.net and the Family Information Directory sites? 

When our new online directory is launched, there may be a short cross-over period where all sites are live at the same time. Once the new directory is up and running, we will switch off Cambridgeshire.net and the Family Information Directory. 

Both Cambridgeshire.net and the Family Information Directory will continue to operate as normal until the launch of the new directory. We will email to inform authors when both sites will be switched off.

Email updates

Those organisations who have accounts registered with Cambridgeshire.net will receive email updates to inform them when the new online directory will launch.


If you have any enquiries, please email the Cambridgeshire County Council Information Services team at  [email protected]

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