The Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Road Safety Partnership (CPRSP) has launched the second phase of a campaign to encourage motorcycle riders to enhance their skills.


The TWIST2 campaign comprises a series of short animated films and a database of regional training courses and safety information for bikers.


In Cambridgeshire and Peterborough , motorcyclists make up less than 1% of traffic but are involved in 12% of all accidents. Nationally, motorcyclists are around 30 times more likely than car occupants to die on the road.


The main element of the initial TWIST campaign, first launched in May 2013, was an animated video which has attracted almost 27,000 views on YouTube. The light-hearted film shows some of the daft and dangerous things that can get bikers into trouble "“ and encourages them to enhance their skills to make them better and safer riders.


The second phase, TWIST2, comprises a series of four shorter films which this time focus on the mistakes that drivers make which can have serious implications for riders. The films challenge riders to learn to anticipate mistakes made by others. The first of the new films went live on Friday 4 April and the others will be released at three weekly intervals during April and May 2014.


As part of TWIST2, the project team has built a database of local and regional training courses and safety information for bikers. Road safety officers from across the UK have been invited to submit information for inclusion in the database.


Matt Staton, from the CPRSP, said: "While we've developed this campaign for use here in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough , the films will be viewed on YouTube by bikers across the UK and further afield.


"As such, in order to maximise the campaign's effectiveness it seemed logical to include details of local and regional training for bikers across the UK."


The database of courses and all the films will be available on the campaign website

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