The site will be open from 10.30am "“ 4pm and there will be an opportunity for site tours and to see a display of finds from this Iron Age and Roman dig.

Cambridgeshire County Council's Historical Environment Team have been helping with archaeological advice for Northstowe since 2004.

Cambridgeshire County Council's Senior Archaeologist, Andy Thomas, said: "The current archaeological investigation is being carried out by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit, in consultation with ourselves, to make sure that a condition of planning permission is met.  This is to ensure that important information about the site is recorded, published and archived. We're working closely with Gallagher Estates to make sure that these important archaeological sites are not lost without a comprehensive record which will be available to future generations for study."

Andy Lawson, Projects Director at Gallagher Estates said: "We are nearing the end of a significant programme of archaeological investigation in this part of Northstowe. Cambridge Archaeological Unit have done a great job and their work will contribute to a greater understanding of the history of settlement and activity in the area. Following the completion of the archaeological investigations, we will be pressing on with the construction work across Phase 1."

Sensible footwear is essential. Access to the site for the event on Sunday is via the old golf club entrance, Station Road, Longstanton "“ a 10 minute walk from the Guided Busway stop.


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