Changes to the multi-operator smartcard on the Guided Busway

From the end of the month passengers purchasing a multi-operator smartcard, which gives people 10 trips across any bus on the busway, will no longer be available.

The Council received notice from Whippet Coaches that they are deregistering the guided busway C service to St Ives and Fenstanton from 10 November.

As the busway will now only have one bus operator travelling on the northern section of the Guided Busway, the multi-operator smartcard is no longer viable.

Passengers won’t be able to purchase a new card from the website after 31 October, however, existing customers with cards will be able to top up their card on the buses until 10 November. The cards will cease to exist after 31 January to give passengers a chance to use up their trips.

Chairman of the Economy and Environment Committee, Cllr Ian Bates said: “Following the withdrawal of the Whippet C service there is no benefit to have this multi-operator smartcard and as it is more expensive it will no longer be available.

“We are currently discussing with other operators whether they can provide a replacement service of some kind.

“If another bus operator does come along, this is something which can be reversed and looked at again in the future.”

There are currently 1585 active multi-operator cards.


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