The British Heart Foundation, which organises No Smoking Day, has awarded the Kick Ash mentors first prize in the Best Education Setting category in the No Smoking Day Organisers of the Year awards.

Kick Ash is a programme led by young people who are proud to be smoke-free. The students who are all aged 14 and 15 volunteer their time to become Kick Ash mentors. They take part in a variety of activities, including working with younger children about the dangers of smoking, with Camquit, Cambridgeshire's Stop Smoking Service, and Trading Standards with their business visits.

The Kick Ash mentors were presented with the award for their contribution towards this year's No Smoking Day campaign. The mentors ran a promotional stand in their school over two days inspiring other students within the college to sign a pledge saying that they are proud to be smoke-free. They were also offering advice and support to those who already smoke on how best to stop smoking and referring people to CAMQUIT, Cambridgeshire's local stop smoking service.

Brigitte McCormack from Cambridgeshire County Council's CAMQUIT team said: "We are delighted for students for winning this award. They have worked really hard organising the event and it's wonderful to see them recognised in this way. It's great to have such passionate mentors who are prepared to volunteer their time to put on events such as these. Without them Kick Ash wouldn't be the success that it is."

Mrs Michelle Priest, Head of Year 10 at Cromwell Community College added: "We're very proud of our students. They volunteer their time willingly because they are dedicated young people who want to help others."

For more information on stopping smoking contact CAMQUIT on 0800 018 4304 or visit Camquit.


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