A £180 million list of priority transport schemes that will be a game changer boosting the local economy for Greater Cambridge has been agreed, focusing on tackling the worst congested roads in Cambridge, freeing up bus services and improving life for residents, cyclists and pedestrians.

The new Greater Cambridge City Deal Executive Board met Wednesday 28 January to decide which schemes will be looked at in the first five years (2015 to 2020) of the Greater Cambridge City Deal. 

The ground-breaking partnership between Cambridge City, Cambridgeshire County and South Cambridgeshire District Councils has spent the last few months evaluating the schemes to determine the benefit they could bring to the area, consulting key organisations and reviewing the schemes at the new Assembly. The focus is on schemes that will drive economic growth by connecting research and business centres with each other as well as with residential areas. This was paired with an evaluation of how deliverable those schemes are considered to be within that first five year period.

Alongside the Government money there will be other funding, particularly developer contributions, which is why the Executive Board were able to prioritise above the £100m of City Deal funding available and which will be essential in helping to meet the costs of these vital schemes.

The schemes also complement the other major works the Councils and partners are doing independently in the Greater Cambridge area to improve connectivity and transport links. The schemes proposed in the City Deal will combine with projects such as the improved A14 and new Science Park rail station as well as improved bus and cycle links. These will make it easier to get around the Greater Cambridge area over the next five to 10 years. Digital and smart working initiatives will also improve connectivity and encourage more business and jobs.

The projects the Board have agreed to prioritise in the first five years of the City Deal programme are:

Priority Scheme

Est. Cost (£m)

Milton Road bus priority


Madingley Road bus priority


Histon Road bus priority


A428 to M11 segregated bus route/A428 corridor Park & Ride


City centre capacity improvements/cross-city cycle improvements


A1307 corridor to include bus priority/A1307 additional Park & Ride


Chisolm Trail cycle links/Chisolm Trail bridge




The Board also agreed that a further £24m be put towards programme management and scheme development for this and the next round of funding.

This significant new investment for transport infrastructure will be used to make it easier to get to work, and to move between the business and research centres. More sustainable transport methods will be prioritised by increasing road space for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users and enabling more people to use public transport for at least some of their journey.

Further public engagement and consultation on the details of each transport scheme will be carried out as they come forward and will be available at the new website for the project: www.greatercambridgecitydeal.co.uk .

The City Deal aims to secure hundreds of millions of pounds of additional funding for investment in transport infrastructure to support high quality economic and housing growth over the coming decades. £100m of Government funding will be made available in the five years from April 2015. If certain conditions are met, a further £200m may be secured from April 2020 onwards and up to a final £200m from April 2025 onwards.

The Greater Cambridge City Deal Partnership includes Cambridgeshire County Council, Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council as well as the Local Enterprise Partnership and Cambridge University. The partners are working closely together to bring forward projects that improve the economic success of the area.

Councillor Lewis Herbert, Chair of the Greater Cambridge City Deal Executive Board and Leader of Cambridge City Council, said: "£100m in Government funding doesn't come around very often, along with the City Deal potential for £400m more, if we deliver phase one by 2020.  

"The City Deal Board decisions yesterday ensure that funding will be targeted at many of the Cambridge roads suffering the worst congestion.  Better main routes, more reliable bus services, better Park and Rides and more cycling will ensure people can get to their Cambridge destinations at peak travel times.

"The package of schemes agreed yesterday will join up key north, south and west routes to a planned scheme to tackle chronic peak traffic problems in the city centre.  We have a great city, and the City Deal is central to keeping it that way and ensuring we can all benefit from future prosperity and additional local housing development. "Reducing congestion, improving transport links and helping more people cycle, walk and take public transport is vital to keep Greater Cambridge moving and attract more business and jobs."

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