The Chairmen and Chairwomen have been agreed by Cambridgeshire County Council as the authority changes over from a Cabinet system to Committees.

Councillors voted today, Tuesday, 13 May, at the authority's Annual Meeting on the posts for the new Committees.

Current Chairman Councillor Kevin Reynolds was re-elected as was the Vice-Chairman Councillor Sebastian Kindersley.

Cambridgeshire County Councillor Steve Count was voted Leader of the Council and Chairman of the General Purposes Committee. Vice-Chairman of the Committee will be Councillor Mac McGuire.

Adults Committee Chairman is Councillor Paul Clapp and Vice-Chairwoman Councillor Anna Bailey.

Children and Young People Committee Chairwoman is Councillor Joan Whitehead and Vice-Chairman Councillor David Brown.

Economy and Environment Committee Chairman is Councillor Ian Bates and Vice-Chairman Ed Cearns.

Health Committee Chairman is Councillor Kilian Bourke and Vice-Chairman Tony Orgee.

Highways and Community Infrastructure Committee Chairman is Roger Hickford and Vice-Chairman Peter Reeve.

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