The move follows a successful motion at Full Council, yesterday, Tuesday, which outlined concerns about the deal.

Council agreed:

"This council notes the announcement by the Chancellor of a devolution deal for the East in his budget on 16 March. But, regrets that the deal, in its current form, is not acceptable to this council."

The motion also request that the Chief Executive write to the Secretary of State for Local Government to bring this resolution to his attention.

Councillors highlighted several areas of concern which needing further discussion "“ including but not restricted to:

"¢ Need for a regional mayor and the sweeping powers they would hold
"¢ Geographic area
"¢ Amount of funding "“ especially around infrastructure
"¢ Consultation process
"¢ The need for support from business

Cambridgeshire County Council Leader Steve Count said he would also take the concerns of the Council to Government.

He also highlighted the need to engage with the public and businesses so that what is on offer and any further proposals made by the Government could be understood. This would then help inform any further debate the Council would have.

Councillor Steve Count said: "The Council has made their concerns known loud and clear and I will take these to Government to see what further proposals can be put forward. Councillors highlighted several areas of concern which I will now take forward for discussion. I have also said I would make sure that local people and businesses have a chance to see the details and understand the pros and cons of what is proposed or maybe proposed in the future."

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