Council Leader issues personal video invite to Whittlesey residents

Council Leader, Councillor Steve Count has published a video invitation to an event being held on 12 August for residents to discuss the future of a transport improvement scheme for the town.

Last week plans were announced to hold the event, which will be an opportunity for residents to look at the options for King’s Dyke that will be discussed at a specially convened Committee meeting being held on 15 August. It is also a chance for residents to understand the journey so far and the issues the Council has faced.

Cambridgeshire County Council’s Leader, Councillor Steve Count said “This event is being held in the heart of the town and I want to ensure those residents that will be most affected by any decisions that we take have had an opportunity to hear for themselves the issues we have faced. I will be there in person for residents to directly ask me about the project, and to see how determined I am to get this scheme built.”

The event will be held between 3-8pm at the Whittlesey Christian Church on Broad Street on Monday 12 August. Comments from the event will be fed back verbally to the Economy and Environment Committee on 15 August.

Watch Councillor Steve Count's video invitation below:

King's Dyke Exhibition

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