The firm "“ which provides specialist legal advice for local authorities "“ posted what were considered inappropriate responses to a special educational needs case. The firm has since taken down the posts and apologised.

The Council has decided to set up alternative arrangements for new cases. Adrian Loades, Executive Director for Children, Families and Adults said: "We can confirm that we will no longer be using Baker Small for new cases. We recognise the damage that these tweets have done to parental confidence and by extension to the potential relationship between the County Council and parents.

"There can be different views between parents and the Local Authority in respect of SEN support to children, and we always work hard to avoid this relationship becoming adversarial if at all possible.

"There will be current cases that Baker Small are holding on our behalf, and these will be reviewed on a case by case basis. In some instances it may be better for the all parties that Baker Small retain the case in order to avoid delay or disruption to decision making."


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