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A special celebration has been held at Shire Hall to mark the 100th anniversary of the first British women to get the vote.

Cambridgeshire County Council invited female Members, staff and special guests on the steps of Shire Hall in Cambridge for a commemorative #Vote100 photo to mark this occasion.

Professor Mary Beard, Norah Al-Ani from Cambridge Rape Crisis, Lily Cheng from the Rising Network and Lara Jaffey from the Kite Trust, then joined County Council Chief Executive

Gillian Beasley for a ‘How I became who I am today ‘#Vote100 Q&A in the Council Chamber.

Gillian Beasley, Chief Executive of Cambridgeshire County Council said: “I was proud to stand of the steps of Shire Hall with so many inspirational women. 80% of our staff are female, including 77% of our senior managers. This commemorative photo was a great way to celebrate the representation of women here at the Council.”

New Vote100 archives were also unveiled at the event, showing how Cambridgeshire was a hub of suffragist activity with groups such as the Cambridge Association for the Women’s Suffrage and the Cambridge and County Women’s Liberal Association.

Councillor Mandy Smith, Chairman of the Council said “It was wonderful to welcome everyone to the Chamber and talk about my predecessor Lilian Mary Hart Clark, as the first woman to be elected to chair Cambridgeshire County 71 years ago”.

These archives will be on show across the County throughout 2018.

Cambridgeshire County Council female group photo

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