Councillors pledge funding to repair Fenland centre roof damaged by Storm Doris

A local community centre in March that provides training and day care facilities for those with disabilities, their families and carers, is receiving £92,934 in funding from the County Council to repair its storm damaged roof.

The Marwick Centre, which is used by Fenland Area Community Trust (FACET), providing training facilities, a sensory room, two halls and garden centre area, was hit by Storm Doris on 23 February 2017 when the main hall roof at the western end of building was lifted off causing significant damage. Half of the students attending the centre are directly funded by the County Council.

Part of the roof was repaired shortly after, but the remainder of the flat roof is at risk from further damage in the event of another bad storm. A temporary fix to keep the roof secure has been in place, but FACET, a registered charity, had appealed to Cambridgeshire County Council for help to keep the building safe.

The Council’s Commercial & Investment Committee unanimously agreed at a meeting today (Friday March 23) a strategy with FACET to fix the roof, supporting and protecting the people who use it by safeguarding against further deterioration of the building. The money will be paid back to the council over the period of the lease.

FACET provide day care and lessons in everyday life skills such as cooking and healthy living for adults with learning disabilities, while the sensory room allows for a wide spectrum of learning abilities to be catered for.

Cambridgeshire County Council’s Chair of Commercial and Investment Committee Councillor Josh Schumann said: “Our financial support will ensure the Fenland Area Community Trust can continue to provide support, lessons and training to the vulnerable people in the area who need it the most.

“This funding shows our commitment to investing in vital local services such as adult social care - a placement at FACET costs less than any form of supported living or residential placement that may otherwise be required.”

The Trust employs 37 staff, has four charity shops in Fenland and train some of their students in retail so they can go on to work outside of FACET. They also provide lessons and training in Maths, English, Science, IT, woodwork and horticulture and employ a specialist in autism.

To find out more about FACET visit their website: