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The Council understands there are local concerns about keeping pedestrians and cyclists as safe as possible when they use the pathways alongside the Guided Busway - particularly where numbers of people and cyclists are increasing as more businesses are expanding along the route.

 In June this year, we reviewed the area with cycling experts, following which we have painted a white line with the warning, ‘Beware of buses’ on the southern section of the busway maintenance track.

 Other representations – including a petition presented to the Highways and Community Infrastructure Committee by City Councillor Katie Thornburrow – have also led to the Council discussing further measures with Bus Operators on the Busway. As a result, they have agreed to reduce the speed of buses to 30mph on the city bound track from the Hills Road Bridge for a distance of around 875 metres, towards Long Road Bridge.

 The new speed limit will begin this week and the signs have been put in place.

 Cambridgeshire County Council’s Chair of the Highways and Community Infrastructure Committee, Councillor Mathew Shuter said: “We take safety on the busway very seriously and there is obviously a lot of local concern.

 “As a committee we heard the petition and officers have considered the issues raised and recommended, following discussions with the bus operators, that we lower the speed limit at certain points.”

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