A report reviewing options for alternative management for the Cromwell Museum in Huntingdon has been published today (25 April).

The report, carried out by an independent consultant using grant funding from the Arts Council England's Renaissance programme, recommends that a charitable trust is created to manage the museum in the existing building. The decision as to whether to implement the report's recommendation will be made by Councillors at a future Highways and Infrastructure Committee meeting.

Cambridgeshire County Council's Head of Community and Cultural Services Christine May said "We remain committed to identifying other options which would enable us to keep the museum open, and welcome the findings of this report which suggest alternative governance could be viable. The ideal solution is to seek alternative management at no cost to the tax payer as the Council has to make £149m worth of savings over the next five years. This way forward still has to be agreed by Councillors and there will be a lot of detail to work out, but this is a useful first step towards finding a solution to keeping the museum open."

The full report can be viewed here.


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