With summer not far away Cambridgeshire County Council's grass cutting operation is springing into action to improve visibility and safety on the highway while protecting the environment.

The work will ensure maintenance of all villages and also grass verges outside 30mph limit areas. This maintenance will help ensure the safety of road users and will also help preventing the County from becoming overgrown and untidy.

The County Council is working in partnership with local District Councils and Parish Councils across the County to ensure the grass is cut in all towns and villages in April, June and August.

This is part of the Council working with communities and to make sure the county's cities, towns and villages are maintained for the residents and businesses it serves. The authority also works with the probation service to provide community payback opportunities where works are carried out to improve an area while saving the authority money.

Verge maintenance will take place in two phases across the County, one from April to June and then from August to October. Verge maintenance is a 1 metre cut along verges but there will be full cuts at junctions, designated bends and visibility splays and these key points will also be maintained in-between for safety as necessary.

The County's Protected Road Verges will be specially managed and maintained in addition to the above maintenance work to ensure the sustainability of wildlife within the County.

Cambridgeshire County Councillor Roger Hickford, Chairman of the Highways and Community Infrastructure Policy and Service Committee said: "With so many grass verges, villages and towns across the County, the Council's maintenance team will be kept busy with a full schedule of works throughout the summer. Just like spring we have sprung into action for the first phase. There is a balance to be had in cutting back vegetation and clearing visibility splays for safety while allowing enough greenery to flourish for Cambridgeshire's wildlife."

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