Work is starting this month on building innovative new cycleways along Huntingdon and Hills Roads in Cambridge.

Cambridgeshire County Council's contractor will carry out the initial work, which involves cutting back hedges, trial hole investigations and drainage works. This will take place during November and December and is not expected to affect the carriageway. Full on-road construction of the cycleways will start in January 2015.

Residents can find out about the details of the schemes at the following local information events:
"¢ The Huntingdon Road event will be held at St Augustine's Church Hall, Richmond Road, Cambridge CB4 3PS on 18 November 2014 from 3.30pm to 7.30pm.
"¢ The Hills Road event will be held at Rock Road Library, 69 Rock Road, Cambridge CB1 7UG on 20 November 2014 from 3pm to 7.30pm.

Information will also be available on Cambridgeshire County Council's website

The plans include creating a £625,000 2.1m wide cycleway along the city bound side of Huntingdon Road and 2.3m wide cycleways on Hills Road costing £1.2m. The proposals were approved by the County Economy and Environment Committee on 8 July.. 

Along Huntingdon Road, a part segregated and part raised cycleway will be built between Girton Road and Richmond Road. On Hills Road, raised cycleways (which means the path is slightly above the normal road height but well below the height of the kerb) will be built along both sides of the road between Long Road and Cherry Hinton Road.

Councillor Noel Kavanagh, the County's Cycling Champion said: "These new cycleways will be a step forward for cycle infrastructure in Cambridge. Local events are being held to inform residents of the changes that will be happening outside their houses or at the end of their street. I encourage residents to take up this opportunity to see the detailed plans for the schemes. These innovative cycle improvements will encourage more people to get on their bike and make cycling people's preferred choice as the way to travel in the city."

The new cycleways are being funded by a £4.1m grant Cambridgeshire County Council secured from the Department for Transport's Cycle City Ambition Fund.

The aim of the Cycle City Ambition Fund is to provide separate cycle lanes on the main roads into the city and to create good quality cycleways to employment areas in South Cambridgeshire.

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