Residents are being warned not to buy fake machinery this Christmas after 26 unsafe petrol powered tools, including chainsaws, were discovered for sale and now destroyed.

Cambridgeshire County Council Trading Standards are sending out the warning after 26 of the tools were seized.

The items were found in a vehicle stopped in South Cambridgeshire by the Police who then worked with Trading Standards to have the tools examined.

Both organisations are urging people to buy from reputable places and avoid purchasing from people calling door-to-door or temporary sites that may be unreliable or disappear such as at markets or online.

The haul, included petrol powered chainsaws, generators and pressure washers and none of the tools had the necessary certification which proves their safety.

Emma Butterfield for Cambridgeshire County Council Trading Standards said: "Chainsaws need to be used with care at the best of times. It is frightening to think that someone may be using one that is unsafe or could break in their hands. All of the machinery that we seized should have had the proper safety certificates. We are keen to remind consumers of the dangers of buying cheap machinery from un-reputable sources. There are strict laws in place to ensure that machinery place on the market in the EU is safe. We would also like to thank our colleagues in Cambridgeshire Constabulary who we work closely with to help prevent fake and dangerous items being sold."

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