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Ambitious plans for the County’s Children’s Centres are to be decided by the top decision makers at Full Council on 17 October.

The decision follows a full and wide ranging consultation on the proposal, which received over 2000 responses from the public and local organisations.

All Cambridgeshire County Councillors will now be able to vote on the proposals and the consultation responses. The full Council debate will now replace the previously planned presentation at the Children and Young People’s (CYP) Committee on 10 October.

It will also coincide with a debate on the proposals at Full Council triggered by a 3,000 strong petition. Councillors will therefore be able to hear both responses from the consultation, hear each other’s views and those from members of the public who have requested to speak. They will be able to vote on the recommendations being put forward.

Members of the public wishing to speak need to register their request at [email protected] by midday on Tuesday 10 October. Anyone who had already requested to speak at the CYP Committee on 10 October will be contacted and asked if they would like their request to be considered for the meeting of Council instead.

Cambridgeshire County Councillor Simon Bywater, Chairman of the Children and Young People Committee, said: “We’re moving this debate to Full Council to ensure that Councillors can hear all sides of the story from each other and from members of the public. We believe in these plans and that they can help every child in Cambridgeshire to thrive by placing frontline services over buildings. However we recognise there are strong views on both sides and it is the right thing democratically to allow a full debate.”

The Children’s Centre consultation response document, which will be presented at Full Council, will be available on Cambridgeshire County Council’s website on Monday 9 October. 

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