The decision was made to ensure the draft order from Government for the deal, which puts funding and powers into the hands of local residents rather than Westminster, can be finalised and members given a chance to understand it.
The extra week will allow the draft order to be finalised and fully understood as well as allowing any points of clarification raised with Government so that it can be put to Councillors. Full Council were due to meet tomorrow, Tuesday, 15 November.
Cambridgeshire County Council Chairman, Councillor Sebastian Kindersley, said: "It is reasonable that  members should have time to understand and digest the deal before being able to debate it. This delay of just one week is a sensible way forward to make sure we have the time to look at the finalised draft order and speak to Government. Not only will it give us sufficient time to analyse the full paperwork but also meet the deadlines for any legislation going forward."

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