FairDeal4Cambs discussed at Westminster

The Leader of Cambridgeshire County Council has called on all the county’s MPs to continue to support its campaign for a fairer deal on Government funding.

“It is blatantly unfair, as highlighted in the media last week, that residents in many London boroughs pay so much less for the vital council services that they receive than people who live in Cambridgeshire.” said Cllr Steve Count.

“If we were to receive the average allocation made to a London Borough we would have £75m a year more to spend on services – which would allow us to take pressure off our residents.”

London Boroughs get more money per head of the population from central government than County Councils, and are also awarded a London-wide business rates retention scheme allowing them to retain even more of the wealth created in the Capital.

For example, in 2016-17, 43% of what Kensington and Chelsea spent on its services was funded by revenue support grant and retained business rates compared to just 24% of what Cambridgeshire spent. This additional money from government comes in spite of Kensington and Chelsea also raising £30m a year in parking charges.

“This leaves a much higher proportion of costs to be found from other sources - meaning Cambridgeshire’s residents face higher levels of Council tax than residents in such London Boroughs as Kensington and Chelsea.” Mr Count added.

  • FairDeal4Cambs is part of a wider push by the County Council’s Network to raise the funding disparity with Government. CCN has invited all County MPs, for an in-depth briefing session on the Provisional Local Government Finance Settlement, on 23 January 2018.