Gift ideas to keep your loved ones safe

Hands holding Christmas present

Avoid waste this Christmas by buying gifts which are really useful.

Here’s a range of gift ideas that can help keep your loved ones safe and independent in their own homes and help give everyone peace of mind. The products below are available from a range of retailers and we advise you always shop around for the best price.


2 in 1 Calendar Clock

Day or full calendar electronic clock.

Smart Hydration Reminder

Light-up hydration device for drinking reminder.

Easy TV remote

Simple-use TV remote.

Digital Room Thermometer

Digital room thermometer with large LCD display.

Robot cats

These robotic pets are recommended for people who enjoy the company of pets but would find it impractical to have a real pet. They can be particularly reassuring to those in the early stages of dementia.

Smart speaker

Smart speakers can play music and control technology within your home.

E-book reader

Basic e-book - electronic book - with built-in front reading light.

Activity tracker

Activity trackers can count steps, monitor heart rate, and track other health-related things.

Stylish velcro belt

This velcro belt is a regular-looking leather belt with velcro closure. It avoids fiddly buckles and is ideal for people with dementia.

Soft sock aid

Dressing aid for putting on socks.

Tap turners

Pack of 2 secure-grip tap turners for crystal and crosshead taps.

Plug puller

Easy to use plug puller with labels including customisable strips.

Images courtesy of suppliers.