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Here’s a range of gift ideas that can help keep your loved ones safe and independent in their own homes and help give everyone peace of mind. The products below are available from a range of retailers and we advise you always shop around for the best price.

2 in 1 Calendar Clock

The 2 in 1 Calendar Clock provides helpful reminders to people living with memory loss and dementia.

The Drink Reminder

The Drink Reminder is very easy to use and provides a simple way to remind those with memory loss or dementia to have a drink and stay hydrated – also good for anyone who forgets to drink throughout the working day! 

The Key Finder

A Key Finder to help people find their keys should they lose them or forget where they are. 

3 Rings

A household electrical item plugs into the 3 Rings tool and gives daily reassurance of usage by a loved one by sending emails and messages to your 3rings app as well as timely alerts by text or calls when changes in behaviour could be cause for concern.


Keysafe can provide added security for your loved one, consider installing Select Access in a discrete location – also useful for large families or those who forget their keys!

Memory Calendar

Memory calendar helps to manage appointments and reminders.

Canary Care

The Canary Care System monitors movement in your loved one’s house to make sure they are going through their daily routine and there is nothing irregular happening. It also allows family members to log in and check what’s been happening.

Light sensors

Light sensors light up when detecting motion in the dark and can help light dark areas of a house  to help avoid falls and hazards.

Big button telephone

There are different versions of these telephones - all have large numbers and some have caller display and space for pictures of loved ones on quickdial buttons. See examples.

Easy TV remote

Easy TV remote controls are easier to operate due to fewer, larger buttons.

Under pillow Bluetooth alarm pad

This alarm pad uses vibration rather than sound to wake people up if they are hard of hearing or don’t want to disturb their partner.

Digital room thermometer

Digital room thermometers with large LCD displays are ideal in winter, they can sound an alert if room temperature falls to dangerously low levels.

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