Councillors agreed at Full Council last Tuesday, 13 December, to increase the percentage of roads, cycleways and paths treated to last year's levels rather than the reduced 30% percent currently being treated.

The decision to reduce the gritting routes and number of vehicles was taken in February as part of the authority's plan to meet around £40 million in savings.

The Council has been working with its contractors to secure the extra gritters now needed to cover the reinstated routes and make sure enough drivers are trained. The additional gritters have now arrived in Cambridgeshire this week.

As drivers are trained they will immediately be put onto the extra routes in a phased way. This should mean all the reinstated routes will be treated by mid to late January.

Cambridgeshire County Councillor Mac McGuire, Chairman of Highways and Community Infrastructure Committee, said: "Following the decision by Full Council the authority contracted our contractors to secure the extra gritting vehicles needed and the drivers needed to operate them. While this should all be completed by January over the next few weeks we will see the old routes reinstated in phases as gritters and drivers become available. But even on treated roads we ask people to drive carefully and make sure they plan their route in cold weather."

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