Guided Busway partial closure comes into force

24 January 2022

The County Council’s temporary closure on a section of the Guided Busway in one direction between Cambridge Railway Station and Addenbrooke’s will start on 5 February.

The inbound only track (closest to the maintenance track) will be closed – the busway will be used from the railway station to Addenbrooke’s and then buses will use Hills Road on the return journey.

From Monday 31 January, both the maintenance track and the busway in both directions will be closed from the entrance of the busway at Hills Road bridge to Addenbrooke’s spur junction for five days to install the temporary barrier.

It will take five days to install the temporary fencing inside the upstand of the guideway and will run along the 1.7km stretch of the busway not the maintenance track. It is being installed to stop people from walking and cycling on the busway track that isn’t being used. Also, work will take place overnight to repair some parts of the maintenance track damaged by tree roots from neighbouring properties.

Our contractors will need the space on both the busway and the maintenance track to install the temporary barrier safely. It will re-open on Saturday 5 February and the temporary partial closure will be in place for inbound buses only.

We’d like to remind people they must not trespass on the busway for safety reasons and whilst this work takes place it will include both the busway and the maintenance track. Those using the maintenance track will need to follow alternative routes during the work.

The partial closure is a temporary measure while we wait for the outcome of the independent safety review.