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Safety on the Guided Busway continues to be reviewed as a priority for the County Council.

The County Council carries out regular inspections and assessments on all our roads, footpaths and cycleways, the Guided Busway is no different.

In May, following the incident at King’s Hedges Road, officers have been assessing all the crossing points along the busway to increase awareness and promote safety.

As a result of this review, extra advisory signs have been installed at the crossing points along the route to warn people. These additional enhancements are blue signs ‘Busway Look Both Ways’ to remind cyclists and pedestrians to stop and look for buses before crossing the busway.

Since the busway opened in 2011, the surrounding area along the route has changed and evolved. There are increasing numbers of people and cyclists as more businesses and houses are expanding along the route.

In addition to the extra signage, the Council has reduced the speed of buses as they approach the crossing point at Fen Drayton Lakes. The speed has been reduced from 30mph to 20mph and new signs have been put in place.

This follows the extra signage and guard rail, which has already been installed on the busway at King’s Hedges Road.

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