Funding for the scheme has been agreed by members of the Economy and Environment Committee. The Committee heard how the scheme at Hop Row is also being part funded by Haddenham Parish Council.

Local Councillor, Cambridgeshire County Councillor Bill Hunt, who spoke at the Committee, said: "This is a much needed scheme for a divided village that sees thousands of vehicles every day, especially when there are accidents on other surrounding roads. There have been two recent serious accidents in Haddenham and this new crossing and lights are much needed. I have campaigned for this and know it has local support and I would like to thank the Parish Council who have helped drive this forward and fund it. Haddenham Parish Council were committed to contributing 33% to the original Minor Highways Scheme which could not be progressed for safety reasons and that contribution still holds good to the new more expensive scheme."

The scheme, which is estimated to cost £125,000 with a portion being funded by the Parish Council, will see the installation of a traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing at the top of the High Street (close to the A1123/A1421 junction)

The scheme is part of a £3.19 million investment in transport schemes across Cambridgeshire. It was originally put forward as a Local Highways Improvement scheme where Cambridgeshire County Council works with local councils and organisations to bring forward schemes jointly that respond to the needs of local communities.

Cambridgeshire County Councillor Ian Bates, Chairman of Economy and Environment Committee, said: "The Local Highways Improvement schemes have been a massive success in delivering locally designed solutions that previously would not have been built. It is part of the Council listening closely to our local communities and Parish Councils then working together to find solutions. The £3.19 million investment in transport will bring forward a number of schemes that will improve safety, encourage more people to cycle or link to public transport."

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