Residents who can spare a little bit of their time to fill out a short survey can have a big impact on a new service that will help them to have a healthier lifestyle.

Cambridgeshire County Council wants local people to share views to help shape the new service to make sure it meets their needs.

The new Lifestyle Service will offer support to those who want to change their lifestyle to lower their risk of health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. It will include a wide range of options to choose from when they want to change their lifestyle which may for example be to lose weight, stop smoking or deal with stress more effectively. People will be able to have this support individually or may choose to join a group.

The short survey only takes a few minutes to fill out and can be accessed here - 

Val Thomas, Consultant in Public Health at Cambridgeshire County Council, said: "˜"This new service will provide support to people who want make healthy changes to their lifestyle, whether that's weight loss, quitting smoking or dealing with stress. The survey will give us an idea about where people want to use this service, at what times and their reasons for getting healthier."

For a hard copy of the survey, contact Nadine Hirst on 01223 703250


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