Papers have been published today for a special Highways and Community Infrastructure Committee to reconsider plans for the Cambridge Central Library Enterprise Centre.

The Committee will meet on Friday 26 June at 10.30am

On 5 June it was announced that the Chairman of the committee had called for the meeting, in agreement with the Executive Director for Economy, Transport and Environment. In addition to this, the decision on the Enterprise Centre has been challenged by Councillors and will be heard at Full Council in July.

A report to the Committee asks members to consider information that has recently become available. The report  recommends that the Committee notes the information and reconsiders its decision of the 2 June as to whether to enter into an agreement with Kora for the Enterprise Centre. It also recommends that if the Committee concludes that the decision be rescinded that alternative options for addressing the financial pressures of the library service be addressed by the Service Director.  This could still include options for an enterprise centre.

The library service needs to transform in order to make savings of more than £1.8million over the next three years.

The papers for the committee can be viewed here


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