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Holiday activities and food programme shortlisted for national award

15 May 2023

A provider of a Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme scheme from Chatteris has been shortlisted for a national award.

All Seasons Children’s Play, run by Sam Baker, has been recognised as one of two regional HAF Champions for East Anglia and will be at the House of Commons for the national awards on 18 May.

Organised by the Department for Education (DfE) the awards acknowledge the outstanding service that local HAF providers have delivered. The national ceremony will recognise the achievements of those working on the frontline of the programme and enable the DfE to share outstanding practice and inspire other local areas.

This celebratory event will recognise the contribution made by local providers by showcasing some of the innovative and effective practices they have employed and share their outstanding achievements in providing healthy food and enriching activities.

All Seasons Children’s Play was nominated for its high-level engagement in the Fenland area, particularly with cultural minority and social status communities. The scheme offers fun and enriching experiences to local families from all walks of life who are often isolated, with Sam recognising that many families were overlooked due to cultural differences and differences in social status which more often than not makes these families reluctant to engage with local services through fear of being judged and discrimination.

All Seasons Children's Play began operating in summer 2022. Sam established strong partnerships with headteachers in local schools and championed the benefits of the HAF Programme for eligible pupils. She successfully built relationships with key staff who identified families who would benefit significantly from participating.

The use of social media was integral to the level of trust built with families. Sam supported, nurtured, and encouraged families through sharing regular posts about children’s experiences at the scheme, together with low-cost recipes, physical activity ideas, local services and health advice.

Sam Baker said: “All Seasons Children’s Play are thrilled to be recognised as a regional HAF champion. The benefits of HAF provision in Chatteris are vast for our families. The impact is continually recognised by more people from all walks of life with many cultures equally benefitting. I am very proud and committed to being a part of HAF and look forward to building what I offer to reach even more children and young people.”

Cllr Bryony Goodliffe, Chair of Cambridgeshire County Council’s Children and Young People’s Committee added: “The HAF programme is firmly embedded in our Cambridgeshire communities, offering eligible children enriching opportunities that influence their future life outcomes. The feedback from children, parents and providers demonstrates the immense value of HAF locally to thousands of people. All Seasons Children Play is a valued HAF provider who demonstrates dedication, passion and empathy to families on a daily basis - we value these provider partnerships immensely. Many congratulations to Sam for achieving this recognition from the DfE.”