Members of Cambridgeshire County Council's General Purposes Committee will meet on 29 November to look at the independent engineers report into the findings of investigations carried out jointly for the authority and BAM Nuttall.

The Committee paper concludes that the defects represent a breach of contract by the contractor who designed and built the Busway. The investigation also found additional defects that need to be repaired.

The paper recommends that the defects should be rectified with initial costs for the work at £36.5 million and this as well as legal costs should be picked up by BAM Nuttall. The Committee is being asked to agree that the defects are rectified as part of one programme rather than on a piecemeal basis as they deteriorate, which it is estimated would cost considerably more in the long run and cause more disruption to services.

Councillors are asked to support a twin track approach of seeking if possible to negotiate with the contractor while also starting legal proceedings.

It is believed the works could be carried out in sections to allow other parts of the Busway to remain open while the defects are rectified.

The principal defects include:
"¢ Vertical and horizontal steps have developed at the joints between the precast track sections or "˜ladders'
"¢ The foundations of the guideway are moving differentially; and
"¢ The concrete of the guideway is spalling ( slivers of concrete breaking off corners) in numerous locations

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