Despite this winter not being as cold as previous years, drivers are being reminded of the need to make sure their cars are fit for the road.

The #Drive2Arrive campaign has been running since December last year to make sure drivers carry out the simple checks on their vehicles:

"¢ Keep your vehicle clean especially your lights
"¢ Have good visibility "“ clear any ice or condensation on your windows before driving off
"¢ Look after your tyres "“ make sure they are at the right pressure and have enough tread
"¢ Clear and demist all mirrors

Drivers can also assist their journeys by modifying their behaviour with safe driving tips:

"¢ Put your lights on when visibility is reduced in rain and fog
"¢ Slow down on slippery roads and keep back from vehicles in front
"¢ Winter sun can dazzle so wear sun glasses and keep windscreens clean
"¢ Avoid deep water on roads near rivers or drains

Ann Marie Bailey, Road Safety Officer at Cambridgeshire County Council, said: "While "“ touch wood "“ this winter has not so far been as harsh in Cambridgeshire as previous years, we are still encouraging drivers to check their vehicles and drive to the conditions. Many people will have checked their tyres, oil and water at the beginning of December ready for the cold weather but may have not looked since. It is really important "“ for your safety and others "“ that you regularly check your vehicle is fit to drive. From making sure your lights are clean to making sure your tyres are at the right pressure, it doesn't take long to ensure you are safe to travel.

"This time of year often brings wet roads and winter sun which is why the Road Safety team is also offering safe winter driving tips reminding people to slow down on slippery roads, wear sunglasses in dazzling sunshine and ultimately drive to the conditions. Driving is something most of us do every day without a thought but we want to remind people how important it is to do this safely."

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