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Stay cool and safe this summer

Heatwaves can be dangerous, especially for the very young, very old and those with chronic disease. Here are some products which can help you, or friends and family, keep cool and stay well. Prices start at £3.49. These are just examples, other products and suppliers are available which may be more suitable for you and or/cheaper.


Staying hydrated - drink reminders

There are various drink reminder tools which help keep you hydrated. These include the Droplet Intelligent Hydration System which provides friendly voice reminders and reminder lights. 

Intelligent hydration system cups image

Ulla is a simple band which can be used on bottles and glasses of all types and sizes. It uses movement and light to remind people to have a drink at least twice an hour. It requires no set up and is simple to use.

Ulla drinking reminder image

The day clock has preset and programmable reminders to help people with memory loss to stay safe and maintain their normal routine. This could include reminders to drink in hot weather.

Day clock with reminders image

The Talking Memo Watch allows you to record 10 seconds of audio at the touch of a button. It can be used as a wrist-worn drink reminder.

Talking Memo Watch image

Special cups

Safe Sip is a silicone lid which fits any cup or mug and keeps the contents inside.

Safe sip silicon lid

This anti-spill mug dramatically reduces spills, but still lifts easily. 

Anti-spill mug image

There are a range of other cups which can make it easier to drink, such as an easy-grip mugeasy-grip mug with a lid . and nose cut out mug. An unbreakable plastic carafe makes it easier to keep a supply of fluid nearby.

Keeping cool

It is important to try to keep the room that you are in cool. You can do this using a room fan. Alternatively you could use a small air conditioning unit, which will cool the room more than a fan.

Monitoring systems

Room thermometers make it easy to tell when the temperature in the room is getting too high.

Hive has a family of smart home products which are designed to connect your home and make daily living easier. This includes active heating controls, radiator valves and indoor cameras which can be accessed remotely.

Hive sensors can send an alert when a window or door is opened. 

A series of camera-less sensors in the Canary Care system help reassure loved ones that you are safe, and are carrying on with your usual routine. If anything happens which is outside of your usual routine, a friend or family member an be alerted. This includes falls, unusual behaviour, or things like the fridge not being opened for two days. There is a monthly subscription fee for this service.

Canary Care system image

Getting help if unwell

The following devices make it easy to call for help.

The DORO MemoryPlus telephone is designed to be easy to use with large dial numbers. It also has one-touch photo memory buttons which can be programmed with phone numbers of friends and family.

This cordless phone features 10 one-touch photo memories with recordable voice message for each 10 memories & answering machine.

Help to sleep in hot weather

Scientific research supports the relaxing benefits of lavender.  This pillow uses aromatherapy to soothe and relax at bedtime. A small Refresher Spray is provided to periodically top up the scent if required.

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