Launch of new ‘Be Well’ website is creating a buzz around health

Support and advice on how people can stay healthy in Cambridgeshire is just a click away with the launch of a new website.

The new Cambridgeshire County Council website 'Be Well Cambridgeshire' is being launched on Monday, November 20 with a whole range of information to help people be healthier.

The website provides information and tips for your mental health, active living, a healthy diet, sexual health, alcohol, drugs and smoking. Links to other organisations that provide information also feature on the website as well as local support groups. Over the coming months, more content will be added including health campaigns to help people in Cambridgeshire maintain their health and wellbeing.

Cambridgeshire County Council’s first campaign to be promoted on the new website is Stay Warm, Stay Well. This is about helping people to keep their health during the winter months. Cold weather can affect health; those aged over 65, the under 5s or have a long-standing health condition such as breathing or heart problems, are particularly vulnerable to winter conditions.

Keeping warm is important for protecting health in colder weather. The new website provides information and tips for keeping warm and well in the winter months and links to many sources of support alongside national campaigns that are promoting the same messages.

Cllr Peter Hudson, Cambridgeshire County Council Health Committee Chairman, said: “We’re really excited about sharing messages directly with people via our new ‘Be Well Cambridgeshire’ website.

We hope people and communities in Cambridgeshire will find it a useful tool for providing accurate, up-to-date and seasonal information to help them adopt healthy lifestyle behaviours and improve their general health and wellbeing.”

Val Thomas, Consultant in Public Health at Cambridgeshire County Council, said: “People will find a whole range of straightforward information and lifestyle tips to help you maintain your mental health, active living, healthy eating, smoking and alcohol along with where you can find support services. Be Well will also host campaigns that we will run at different points in the year but throughout the winter months the Stay Warm, Stay Well messages will also be promoted; so that people will know how to protect their health.

Cllr Hudson added: “‘Be Well Cambridgeshire’ isn’t about completely changing your lifestyle or doing unachievable things – often quite a small change to something you do every day can make a big difference to your overall health and wellbeing.”