Targeted mainly at younger audiences, these book collections are designed to tour smaller, community-focused libraries.  The collections are themed around science, technology and coding to encourage users of the service to expand their horizons and develop new skills. 
From this month, the collections will be housed at six selected community libraries, Cambridge, Arbury Court, Sawston, Chatteris, Fulbourn and Somersham, for a minimum of four months before moving on to the next location.

Cambridgeshire County Council and Amazon are working in partnership to improve local access to library services. The partnership forms part of the Amazon in the Community programme, which strives to help young people reach their full potential in today's digital society and economy by creating a positive environment for children and supporting young people in developing essential skills and finding and developing their career. Since the donation of new non-fiction collections to the mobile library service in September, there has been a substantial 30 per cent increase in non-fiction borrowing.

The donation of the roving collection has been bolstered by Amazon-funded installation of a solar panel on the Cambridge mobile library, to help power on-board energy-efficient batteries that run the service. The fitted solar panels for the Cambridge mobile library have already reduced the amount of time needed to charge the batteries overnight - if charging is now needed at all.

Lauren Kisser, Operations Director at Amazon Prime Air commented, "Witnessing the reactions of the young people around the books chosen for the roving collections was fantastic! It's so important for us at Amazon to play a part in influencing the learning of coding, technology and science in the community. The books have proved popular so far, and we hope that people across the county will enjoy and benefit from them for years to come."

Cambridgeshire County Councillor Mac McGuire, Chairman of Highways and Community Infrastructure Committee said: "We're delighted with the six new book collections, and know they will prove popular with young people. The plan is to tour them around our smaller, community libraries so that lots of people get a chance to borrow the stock. The refresh of books for the mobile libraries is proving really popular as well and we'd like to thank Amazon for their generous support. These funds make a real difference for the library service."

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