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Light-hearted Kerplunk video is a serious reminder to not let Covid ruin your big plans

23 April 2022

After a long two years of social distancing, hand-washing to the tune of ‘happy birthday’ and pandemic-enforced restrictions, we will soon be able to embrace warmer weather, outdoor events and many of the year’s top sporting occasions and music festivals without limitations.

Covid is, thankfully, resulting in fewer deaths than it once was, but a new animated video based around the popular game Kerplunk is reminding us that while we should no longer lose our marbles over the virus, we are clutching at straws if we think it has gone away.

The short film launched by Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council forms part of their ‘step safely into spring’ campaign which is reminding residents how a few simple measures can help prevent them from catching Covid, which in turn will allow them to enjoy the freedoms they have missed out on over the past two years.

Kerplunk is a board game based around removing straws and preventing marbles from falling into your tray. And the video from both councils plays on this theme, with the marbles being Covid and the straws being the barriers to the virus. As with Kerplunk, the more straws (barriers) you have in place, the more likely the balls won’t drop (Covid infection).

While the video is meant to be light-hearted there is a serious message attached – that taking simple steps such as getting vaccinated, wearing a face covering in enclosed crowded places, keeping a window open and washing your hands will help prevent serious illness and will allow you to enjoy the more pleasant months of the year.

Vaccines remain our best defence against infection and spring boosters are now available to the elderly, care home residents and the most vulnerable. Those who are eligible are being urged to come forward to protect themselves, as well as their families, friends and communities.

Director of public health in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Jyoti Atri said: “While this is meant to be a fun video, the message behind it is serious. Covid is still out there, it is very transmissible and is still causing people to become unwell.

“The Government may have dropped restrictions but it is important we continue to protect ourselves and our loved ones.”

Cllr Susan van de Ven, chair of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough’s Health and Wellbeing Board, added: “It feels like an eternity since we’ve been able to freely enjoy the spring and summer months, and with restrictions having ended it would be an awful shame if this wonderful time of the year was again ruined by Covid.

“For that reason, I hope people follow through with the easy measures we have outlined which will help them to avoid the virus and avoid missing out on enjoying the better weather which we know doesn’t last long in the UK!”

More information on the Government’s Living with Covid plan can be found here:

The animation can be downloaded by visiting: