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Hundreds of boxes of playpens and child booster seats, which were going to be sold by a Cambridgeshire company, were sent for destruction last week after they failed to comply with safety standards.

The company, which imported the goods mainly from China, surrendered various toys including finger puppets, dangerously strong laser pens and faulty electrical items after the initial inspection earlier this summer. In total, the goods are worth around £25,000.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Trading Standards are now working with the company to ensure that in future they get the goods tested and ensure they are safe before they import them.

Also sent for destruction were some of the unsafe toys which were part of a haul worth £100,000 taken by trading standards officers at Bourn Market on Bank Holiday Monday (May 7).

Peter Gell, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Trading Standards Service Head of Regulatory Services, said: “These items sent for destruction are the result of a successful operation to remove potentially unsafe goods from sale in Cambridgeshire and good working with the Trading Standards port authorities who alerted us to this business. Preventing these items from being sold not only protects consumers from purchasing unsafe goods but also helps protect traders who sell safe products from being undermined in the market place.

“Suppliers of dangerous goods will find that goods are taken away and recycled. This should serve as a warning to people that we will clamp down on this kind of illegal trading in our county”.

Image of a play pen taken away by Trading Standards

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