MLL Telecom named EastNet managed Network Services Provider

MLL Telecom, a leading provider of secure managed network services for the UK public sector, has been awarded the EastNet contract to deliver a new Wide Area Network (WAN) solution and centralised services to Cambridgeshire County Council and the wider community served by EastNet.

The new contract will enable all public sector organisations, including local schools, NHS Foundation Trusts, District and City Councils, County Councils and Blue Light Services in the region to access a secure, market-leading regional network – allowing them to benefit from full fibre gigabit speed connectivity.

EastNet is a partnership between public sector organisations across the region, with Cambridgeshire County Council acting as the lead authority. MLL Telecom will be engaging with each EastNet partner to provide a new fully managed Wide Area Network (WAN), which will include connectivity into the Public Services Network (PSN) and the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN), as well as other centralised services – including managed Wi-Fi and firewalls – in a low-risk transition over the next 12 months.

The new network framework, which will be effective for six years, will replace the legacy Cambridge Public Services Network (CPSN) Partnership. MLL Telecom aims to migrate all sites in a phased approach to ensure the transition is completed effectively with minimal service disruption by May 2019.

As part of the project MLL Telecom, together with its partner CityFibre, will make an immediate investment of £2.25M in the region to extend its core infrastructure. MLL Telecom will initially extend its core network to Huntingdon and Northampton, while CityFibre will deliver cost effective gigabit connectivity in the Cambridge city locality.

As well as benefiting the EastNet partners, this project will offer increased connectivity options for local businesses and residents.

EastNet selected MLL Telecom as a result of its demonstration that it could deliver the best service, based on quality and price, to meet with increased data usage and growing demands of Cambridgeshire County Council, its local schools and wider partners.

Each EastNet partner will benefit from separate contracts provisioned by MLL Telecom to ensure customers receive a flexible and adaptable solution to meet individual needs.

Cambridgeshire County Council Leader, Councillor Steve Count, said of the announcement: “Connectivity is a crucial factor in the continued socio-economic growth and development of our region and local partners. The decision to work with MLL was made based on a clear demonstration that it would deliver a market-leading service that is not just best value to Cambridgeshire County Council, but to our partners and to the wider community as well. This partnership will give us access to a cost-effective full fibre network to allow us to deliver on our digital strategy and support our citizens now and into the future.”

“Throughout this process it was critical that we were able to deliver quality not just for Cambridgeshire County Council, but to the wider communities in the region – which our partnership with CityFibre has allowed us to offer,” said Gail Harvey, Business Development Director, Public Sector at MLL Telecom.

“Over the next six years our aim is to provide continuous innovation, flexibility and agility to enable our EastNet partners to keep up with changing market requirements. Drawing on our 25 years of public sector IT experience we will ensure that our service remains fresh, relevant and adaptable to meet the needs of each EastNet partner.”


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