CamShare, the car sharing matching website is celebrating reaching its 4,000 members mark, meaning people's chances of finding a car sharing match are increasing all the time.

Tracy Rockall of Cambridgeshire County Council was the 4,000th member to join the CamShare scheme which is run by The Travel for Work Partnership.

Tracy car shares from March to Cambridge with a group of five others making a similar journey, and hasn't looked back since joining.

"I first found out about Camshare through a work colleague as they knew how difficult I was finding it to get to work. I live in March and work in Cambridge so it is a lengthy journey. There are six people in our car share syndicate and with flexible working we have between two and five people car sharing each day. Since joining the benefits have been amazing. I have more than halved my commute cost which in this economic climate is a great benefit and I have met some lovely people that make my commute time whizz by through great conversation and witty banter."

CamShare matches journeys to other people who live nearby who are making the same trips to the same destination or in the same direction. Once matched members can choose to car share as little or as often as they like and with who they like. Research has suggested that a typical commuter who car shares everyday saves around £1,000 a year!

There are many benefits to car sharing:

"¢ Save on fuel costs
"¢ Enjoy the social element of getting to know someone else
"¢ Cut congestion and pollution
"¢ Reduce the stress of driving

Car Sharing aims to make life easier for us all by reducing the number of cars on the road carrying only one person. In this way car sharing can speed up your journey and helps the local economy by reducing congestion and reducing CO2 emissions.

CamShare began in 2002 and now has over 4000 members and is run by the Travel for Work Partnership (TfW). One of the biggest barriers to car sharing people site, is situations where they have an emergency and need to travel home early, or where they simply need to stay at work later than their sharer. To overcome this, TfW are offering their member employers a Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) scheme until March 2015, which provides an emergency subsidised ride to commuters who car share - for example, if a car sharer must stay at work later than expected. GRH programmes may use taxis, company vehicles or rental cars. TfW will reimburse its member companies based within the Cambridge to Ely and Cambridge to Huntingdon corridors for the journey.

More information is available at; or from the Travel for Work Partnership on (01223) 715550.

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