A new road in the centre of Huntingdon will link the town's past with future development and economic prosperity.

The new half kilometre road will be named Edison Bell Way after the pioneering Edison Bell Company whose factories were based in the town 100 years ago, and which revolutionised the way people listened to music.

Edison Bell was a London based company making gramophones and gramophone records.  They acquired the site in Huntingdon for £12,500, and during 1925 -26 the company was booming.  However the Huntingdon factory was destroyed by fire in 1928, and eventually closed in 1930. 

In the modern age, the new road will open up space for new commercial and retail development and help generate employment and economic prosperity in the centre of Huntingdon.

Cambridgeshire County Council and Huntingdonshire District Council joined forces to commission the new road and associated infrastructure which has been built on time and on budget at a cost of £10 million.

Despite some difficult site conditions and the recent very wet weather, work on the road was completed in just over a year.  It will be opened by representatives from the two local authorities involved, at 2.00 pm, on Tuesday, April 8.

County Council Cabinet Member for Growth and Planning, Councillor Ian Bates, said: "Edison Bell way is a good example of how local authorities in Cambridgeshire can work together for the benefit of their communities.

"This new road will open up a significant area of land for development that will generate economic regeneration and employment opportunities in the centre of Huntingdon while at the same time hopefully relieving some of the traffic pressure on parts of the town's existing ring road."

District Council Executive Leader, Councillor Jason Ablewhite, added: "Following completion of the multi-storey car park, the opening of Edison Bell Way is the second major step towards realising years of planning and investment in Huntingdon town centre.  Now that the infrastructure has been supplied, we need local businesses to move things forward.  With the Sainsbury's development and the redevelopment of Chequers Court by Churchmanor, we will very quickly see the regeneration of Huntingdon take place.  This is the largest investment in any market town in the UK in total. Once again turning rhetoric into reality."


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