Residents south of Cambridge are being encouraged to get on their bike this new year and try out the new cycleways that are being opened by Cambridgeshire County Council.

The new routes from Whittlesford to Granta Park and Wandlebury to Babraham Research Campus are being officially opened by local County Councillor Peter Topping on 9 January.

Together they provide over 5km of dedicated off road paths, which cyclists and walkers can use to fulfil new years' fitness resolutions.

There will be a bike ride leaving from Wandlebury Country Park at 12.45pm and ending up at Whittlesford Memorial Hall at 2pm.

The 2.5m wide shared-use lanes were finished late last year (2014). The 0.7km final stretch from Copley Hill Business Park to Babraham Research Campus completes the final link in a 2.5km route from the Campus all the way to Babraham Road Park and Ride in Cambridge, providing an alternative to travel on the busy A1307.

The Whittlesford to Granta Park cycleway is 2.5km long and joins existing cycleway near the train station. This enables commuters to cycle the final part of their journey to work almost completely avoiding the high speed traffic on the A505.

Each route cost £650,000 and were largely funded from the County Council's successful £4.1m funding bid from Central Government's Cycle City Ambition fund. Babraham Research Campus also contributed £200,000 to the Wandlebury route which serves their site.

Cambridgeshire County Councillor Peter Topping, said: "These are exciting developments which open up new opportunities for leisure cycling and commuting in our area. The new routes will make cycling along the A1307 and A505 a safer and more attractive way to travel. I'm looking forward to getting out on my bike and exploring the new paths."

The new cycleways provide dedicated routes between employments sites and it is hoped that the availability of the new routes will encourage more people to cycle to work locally as well as travelling by bike to local amenities like Wandlebury Country Park.

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